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Interlinears and Reverse Interlinears

Those who are new to the project may be wondering about the meaning of the expressions “Greek-Arabic Interlinear” and “Arabic-Greek Reverse Interlinear”:

What is an interlinear?
Interlinears contain a word-by-word alignment of a document (source text) and a translation. In such an alignment, the word order of the source text is preserved. In addition to the source text and translation, an interlinear can contain additional information for each word such as how the word appears in the dictionary, additional meanings, and grammatical information about the word.

Below is an example of Greek-Arabic interlinear text; the words in Greek are shown in the original word order and the corresponding translated Arabic words are aligned below them.


What is a reverse interlinear?
A reverse interlinear is just like an interlinear except that the translation is displayed in the original word order.

Below is an example of Arabic-Greek reverse interlinear text; the words of the Arabic translation are shown in the original word order and the corresponding Greek words are aligned below them.



That Which Was in the Beginning: First Published Chapter (1 John 1)

The GrArNT Project is happy to announce that it has begun publishing alignments of the Smith-Van Dyck Arabic New Testament and its source texts (mainly Mill’s, but also other editions of the Textus Receptus).

We are excited to share with you Chapter 1 of the First Letter of John in both interlinear (Greek-Arabic) and reverse interlinear (Arabic-Greek). The chapter can be downloaded in two forms:

Links to both of these pages are found below the image at the top.

We hope that this material will help your study of the Arabic New Testament.

Welcome to the Greek-Arabic New Testament Interlinear (GrArNTI) Project Website

This is the site of the Greek-Arabic New Testament Interlinear Project (GrArNT Project). The aim of the project is to create a Greek-Arabic interlinear and a Arabic-Greek reverse interlinear for the Arabic New Testament as found in the Smith-Van Dyck Arabic translation.

This site will document the project plan and progress and will make available the interlinear and reverse interlinear content as it becomes available.